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Panola County Debutantes 2023: Towards The Future
Author Yvonne E. Gamble

Panola County Debutantes 2023: Towards The Future

In each chapter you will gain an insight into the hopes, dreams and visions of each of the Debutantes.

This penning is both an anthology and a launch into each debutantes future.


T-Minus Space Development Winter Forum 2023 hosted the Panola County Debutantes in Huntsville, AL. Beginning with a guided tour of the U.S. Space & Rocket Center by CEO Yvonne Gamble and culminated with two scientific presentations and discussions. A 5-Speaker Panel STEM Presentation by Alabama A&M University STEM Graduate, Senior & Junior Students Lead by Conference Director BreZhane Walker (Graduate Mechanical Engineering), Destinee Simmons (Senior Chemistry), Faith Coggins (Senior Construction Management), Mikaylah Pratt (Junior Mechanical Engineering), and Jaylon Dixon (Junior Mechanical 



The STEM Panel and presentation were both engaging and informative. Each panel member focused their respective talk on their subject area interspersing personal stories and providing clarifications and in-depth information on deeper subject matters.

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