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Rich Woman Magazine: Power Up Your Past is an Inspirational Journal, that will "empower the human spirit"

The idea is to share the transformational change trauma survivors undergone along the way.

Power Up Your Past focus on 2 aspects:

  1. Catapultian from victim to Victor. You become the cause of your life.

 2.. Course correct your destiny.

Rich Woman Magazine: Power Up Your Past- Journal is a Limited Edition and features rich, authentic, inspirational, live conversations between Marina, Tea and their guests Authors.

The Authors working on the Inspiration desk together share their own experience to dissolve those myths and misconceptions about victimhood trauma. We aim to demonstrate that victim survivors are taking control of their destiny and thrive. 

This book gives women a voice, so they share their story as it happened, not as sold by the newspapers.

This beautiful book journal is a chance to start editing, re-editing and proofreading your soul. 

Sharing your story changes your story and the future. Dr Marina Nani and Tea Staegemann are on a mission to unleash your self-awareness.

They search for soul in everything, to remind you that now is the time to POWER UP YOUR PAST

This book is just the beginning of creating future memories for a fairer Society.

Becoming a published author without writing a single word, was at first just an impossible dream.

Authoring Opportunity

Rich Woman Magazine's next in the Never Ending Series is "Power Up Your Past". To become an Author  please contact
EliVonn Publishing Haus

Authors for Power Up Your Past £500 ($580)

What is included: Word count: 1,000-1,200

Author's Profile (150 words + links)

Authors receive 5 copies of the hard back book.


Author's profile 150 words + links and photo will be featured in the Never Ending Book Series Store.


Authors receive special invitations to speak at Rich Woman events.


Author taped marketing interview with
Dr. Marina Nana and Tea Staegemann. 

Author & Speaker Opps
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