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Your Societal Impact Story

What EliVonn Publishing Does For You

Through our curated publication opportunities and vast array of organizations, corporations and governments we well place your authoring, speaking, illustrations, and artistry such that you acheive the highest and greatest exposure and usage of all that you bring to the world.  


Every Author has the opportunity to be honored in every point of view and to bring as a priority promotional advantages. A record number of sales and large distribution is foreseen, which will be enabled by all our global partners, our 300+ Global Ambassadors, strategic network and large international distribution companies.


Be part of the World's Knowledgebase. Serve the needs of the planet now and become a legacy for the next millennium., through the publication of your knowledge, your stories and your self.  


Contact Us to move from thought to publication. 

Your Story in 1 Billion Years

EliVonn Publishing Haus will place your story in the Arch Mission Foundation Billion Year Archive that preserves Humanities knowledge.




The Billion Year Archive is the largest footprint and longest duration engineering project in human history. It is also the first practical initiative with potential to guarantee that our species and civilization will never be lost.




You have two space locations to choose from: 




The Arch Mission plans to send Arch Libraries to Mars orbit and to the surface of Mars in the coming decades. These archives will backup both the Earth and future Mars colonies.





The Arch Mission Foundation is designing missions to deliver an ongoing series of Arch Libraries to L4 and L5 orbital locations for long-term safekeeping and discovery.

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Mars Library 2025.jpg
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